Medicine Courier


Medicine Courier

Are you looking for Medicine Courier Service ?

Delhiveryxpres is assist you to send Medicine .We implement high standards. Knowing the importance of transporting medical specimens, equipment, and pharmaceuticals, our clients have come to trust the reliable and efficient standards we have set over the years.

Documentation Required For Sending Medicines from India

  • Sender and Consignee Address
  • Two KYC Proof of the sender
  • Valid Doctor Prescription (we can help you with this)
  • Medicine Purchase Bill (we can help you with this)
Free Pickup. Free Documentation. Guaranteed Delivery.
Benefits & Features

Some of the Benefits & Features that DELHIVERYXPRESS offers are:

Door to Door Pickup - DELHIVERYXPRESS offers free door to door pickup service from most parts of India.

Online Tracking -DELHIVERYXPRESS leans on the power of the latest technology. You can track your shipments with ease and follow up with minute-to-minute updates.

Convenient Pricing Model - The pricing model is moderate and easy on the wallet. The pricing range is affordable and makes sense. There are no overpriced quotations and no hidden charges.

Safety and Screening - DELHIVERYXPRESS ensures that all the outgoing packages are screened multiple times. The company adds a free protective shield to all outgoing cargo.

Excellent Documentation - Documentation is one of the most important steps prior to shipment. In fact, errors in this step might result in complete rejection of your shipment. The team at DELHIVERYXPRESS are experts in documentation

Top Delivery Partners - DHL, TNT, Fastway, and FedEx are some of the delivery partners that work closely with DELHIVERYXPRESS. Punctuality and quality of service are its forte.

On-Time Delivery - DELHIVERYXPRESS ensures that all packages reach on time. It offers door to door delivery as well.

24/7 Support - The support team is helpful with the technicalities of the logistics business.

The Process

The operations team is a group of talented, efficient, and skilled individuals. The process is divided into three parts.

  • The operations team is a group of talented, efficient, and skilled individuals. The process is divided into three parts.
  • The second part of the process involves the packages being taken to the warehouse. This step gets a little technical but in a nutshell, the staff screen your packages and make sure that all customs rules are being followed.
  • The final stage is where the extremely reputed and experienced partners come in. Here, DELHIVERYXPRESS makes sure that our clients’ packages are delivered safely to their destinations. The company tracks the package at all times and keeps clients updated.

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